Crash Of The Value Jet

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?Anything other than a flawless safety record is unacceptable? (Hosenball 47) is what Value Jet?s vice president Jordan said just before one of his aircraft was involved in the seventh most deadly crash in aviation history (Larson 30). What happened on the flight of 592 before and after the deadly crash was a tragedy. The events leading up to and after the crash of Value Jet 592 affected the world greatly. It changed the view of low cost air transportation.

May 11th, 1996 (?Death in the Glades? 31) was just another day for Value Jet flight 592, The airplane was scheduled to fly from Miami, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia (Larson 30). At the Miami airport that day, the weather was considered to be VFR (visual flight rules) conditions. VFR means it is legal for a pilot to fly using visual land marks on the ground. The pilot does not need to be continuously controlled by an airport control tower (NTSB Preliminary report 1).

The airplane was fully loaded with 104 passengers and five crew members (larson 30). After being delayed for over an hour due to bad weather in Atlanta Georgia (NTSB Preliminary report 1), the aircraft left the gate at 1:30 PM and took off fifteen minutes later (NTSB Preliminary Report 1). Eight minutes into the flight, the crew radioed Miami tower and reported they had smoke in the cockpit (Warner 1). Just after that, the first officer told Miami that they were turning around to make an emergency landing at Miami International airport (Larson 30). At 2:25PM the airplane disappeared from radar (Warner, 1). The jet was cruising at 10,000 ft when it began its descent (NTSB Preliminary report 1). The aircraft quickly began to build speed as it plunged toward the earth. When it hit at...