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Crawford long was an exceptionally intelligent doctor. Also he was very Resourceful, because of the incredible way that he found to make anesthetics using ether.

Crawford Long was the first guy to successfully use ether anesthetics in surgery. He was born in Danielsville, Georgia on Nov. 1, 1815. He got his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1839. Long is now known to be the first to use an ether-based anesthesia. He returned to his home state to start a medical practice in Jefferson, Georgia. After observing the same effects with ether that where already described to happen with nitrous oxide Long used ether the first time on March 30, 1842 to remove two tumors from the neck of his patient, Mr. James M. Venable. When he was college he learned about ether and after practicing medicine for a while in new York he thought he could make an anesthetic with it like the one already made using nitrous oxide.

Anesthetics are used to lessen or remove the extreme pain in surgery patients had to endure. The main reason he made the anesthetic using ether a chemical discovered 1275 by a Spanish chemist Lulluius, was because he could not get any nitrous oxide to use so he started experimenting with sulfuric ether. After a while he learned that people didn't feel any pain while under the effects of it. At the time however it was used as a gas and inhaled by the patient. On March 30, 1842 Long's patient James M. Venable was rendered unconscious by sulfuric ether, then had one of two tumors removed. When Venable regained consciousness, he felt no pain at all. And the operation only cost two dollars. But because Long took four years to publish his new findings a dentist William Morton...