"Crazy Halloween": Personal Paper, but good ideas for other stories- How to write a paper and be yourself.

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"Are you ready yet," I yelled to Charles. "Yes" he said yelling back at me from the bathroom. I was ready to go-It was Halloween of 2005 and we were on our way to the Nature Center where a haunted attraction was being held for the fright seekers. I love Halloween and I could not wait to just get there.

The sky was piercing black with cold grey overshadowing clouds. The moon setting on the horizon, gave off an eerie orange glow, which set the mood for a spooky Halloween night.

When we arrived in the parking lot, there was a big, lanky, ugly, tall creature standing there just peering at me. He was not moving, nor speaking, just glaring at me. I was kind of observing him as well but it was hard for me to look at him. He was wearing a long black tattered gown that hung to his ankles.

He had long lanky skeleton fingers, with extremely sharp claws. His gruesome oblong skull sat on his boney neck, blood dripping from his mouth. I was walking very slowly to see if he would make any movement, but wasn't. At that point I wasn't to sure I wanted to go in that haunted house. If the creepy creature in the parking lot scared me, I wondered what would be lurking inside.

As we neared the entrance, Charles was sure to point out my fear of haunted houses and costume clad ghouls. "Don't be scared, it's not real" he said pushing me around, laughing. Finally arriving at the ticket booth, Charles hesitantly paid the12 dollar admission while I got my hand stamped. We then ran from the ticket booth to catch the last hay ride down the road to the start of the trail.

As we jumped...