Crazy Mafia Twins- Read over to make sure you understand it. Make any changes you want, Enjoy!

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Have you ever felt that you needed protection from thugs, well Akeem Jamal felt the exact same way. After being beaten up one to many times, Akeem decided he needed to join the Mafia so he could have some people to cover his back. He decided that he should go to his father for what he'll need to do to join. Akeem woke up from the sound of shattering glass. He ran down stairs only to find that everything was ok. His twin brother, Howard, looked at him like he was crazy.

"I heard shattering glass. What in the world was that noise if it wasn't glass?" asked Akeem.

"Nothing broke you stupid boy! You're just a silly little man who knows nothing and makes up things for attention," exclaimed Akeem's father, Roy.

Akeem shamefully opened the refrigerator for a glass of whiskey. He sat down and looked up at his father.

"Where were you last night?" asked Akeem.

"None of your business you stupid little idiotic boy. If you can't even make it past 8th grade then why in the world would I have to tell you that?" yelled Roy.

"Why! Because I care about you! You know what, why don't I just do something so I can just join the Mafia pa. Well what should I do? The sooner I know, the sooner I might be able to please you." remarked Akeem in a tone of aggression.

"You know what, come here," Roy said watching his son come closer, "Kill someone and then you can join the Mafia. Come back and ask me tomorrow and I'll have the name of who I want you to kill."

Roy looked deep into Akeem's eyes and then suddenly smacked him in the face knocking him out. Akeem woke...