Crazy About Sports?

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Crazy About Sports A perfect Sunday for me would be to sit in my comfortable chair with a cold drink in my hand sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite football team play. Like millions of people across the United States, I follow sports religiously. My love for the sport does not end at the TV watching. All year long, I follow the teams rosters and keep up with the drafts . I guess I can say that I am a sports-a-holic.

What makes a sports-a-holic? A sports-a-holic is just a person who enjoys watching sports or playing sports to a greater extent than the average sports fan. Still, doesn?t the term "holic" indicate a person who is really into a hobby? The term "holic" just gives such people with strong hobbies a bad name. An alcoholic is a person whose hobby just happens to be drinking excessively.

They like to practice their hobby often - they can do it during any hours of the day, and by themselves. Isn't that what people with hobbies do? It's like a person whose interest is collecting coins. Such a person would probably not mind looking at coins anytime during the day and probably enjoy looking through collections or shopping for rare coins alone. I am no different then the alcoholics or the people who are coin crazy. Substitute the bottle of booze in the alcoholic's hand with a sports magazine and you'll have painted a picture of me.

The fanatics I?ve mentioned may sound like harsh examples, but I'm sure there is worse out there. Somewhere there is a sports nut stalking a famous athlete or a crazed coin collector hanging around the US Mint waiting for the next new coin to come around. For me, playing, watching, or...