A crazy wild day at the Races.

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One of the most exciting experiences I've ever had was my first time to watch Nascar at Texas Motor Speedway. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as I entered the dusty, old, bumpy parking lot, driving through a sea of people, looking furiously for a parking space. Traveling through the brisk air was the mouthwatering scents of smoked turkey legs, barbecue chicken, and grilled hamburgers forming an intoxicating and tantalizing aroma. In front of me stood a twelve-foot brick retaining wall, and an enormous black wrought iron fence with four different openings. Standing next to the ticket booth was a petite, yet squatty lady holding her hand out. She was waiting for a canary yellow ticket with red writing, and had been tearing tickets and returning the stubs. My heart began to race as I walked closer to the entrance, getting the bright yellow ticket out of my back pocket of my rugged old jeans, wishing I could already be inside.

Eventually I reached the gate and handed the short, squatty bodied lady my admittance. By this time I was sweating profusely as the adrenaline rushed through my body. I proceeded through the gate and looked on my bright, little; yellow ticket to see what section and seat I was holding, section G and seat three hundred nineteen is what it read. I knew what direction to start heading by looking at the bright orange, letters and numbers at the top of each entrance into the track. While walking to find my seat, I stopped and bought a pair of cute purple sunglasses because I ran off and left mine in the car, and a black muscle shirt that had rainbow colored writing that read Race Girl which is a clothing line for girls and ladies that like the...