Create an artifact that would help a campus wide problem: water runoff pollution

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Monday, 4 March, 2013

Imagine yourself walking through campus on a clear sunny day, passing through the slippery bricks of red square, up the stairs, and walking down the middle of the quad surrounded by the light pink cherry blossoms and the perfectly green grass on your way to class. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Now try this one: Imagine yourself again taking the same path through campus, 60 degrees, skies clear, the sun shining down on your face. You know what to expect on this walk, but the beauty of the school still amazes you every day. But wait what's that? Coffee cups kicked off to the side of the path, chip bags carelessly thrown at the base of the cherry trees. This is not what you were expecting; your college campus has been ruined.

People littering and dumping any sort of waste on campus not only hurts the reputation of our community, but also causes many other non-point source pollution problems in the surrounding areas, destroying the very environment that the great Northwest, and the University of Washington, are vying to protect. The artifact I have created is a poster advertising a campus wide clean up to help stop one of the main factors of a growing problem using the three appeals with a strong focus on ethos and pathos.

Non-point source pollution comes from places such as precipitation, drainage, and most importantly land runoff. In layman's terms, non-point source pollutions is a type of water pollution that has no specific point of origin, instead the pollutants are collected from many different areas by water flow and then are all dumped together into our lakes, rivers, oceans, and other areas with large amounts...