Create a creature project: Eatius da Fecieus.

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Eatius da Fecieus is a member of the Blobular family. The main and most prosperous habitat of this one-celled organism is the septic tank of residential areas. This creature is only able to withstand very brief amounts of direct exposure to air. Eatius da Fecieus can only survive in an environment where the immediate air temperature remains between 18 deg and 38 deg Celsius. It is necessary to its survival to remain in the moist air of a septic tank or such to prevent the drying out of droppings and consequently, Eatius da Fecieus.

The main purpose of Eatius da Fecieus is to break down the biological waste of homosapiens. Eatius da Fecieus absorbs fecal matter through osmosis. Everyday, Eatius da Fecieus will eat three times it's body weight in waste. Over the course of two days, Eatius da Fecieus will double in size. In a septic tank, Eatius da Fecieus cleans and maintains the integrity of walls during extended intervals between the pumping of the solid mass by humans, as it feeds.

Eatius da Fecieus has also been found in leech fields and catholes, however, Eatius da Fecieus found in these locals have been noted as significantly smaller, almost half the size, when compared to the Eatius da Fecieus in septic tanks. This has led scientists to believe that in the cooler, better drained areas Eatius da Fecieus will actually shrink over generations to compensate for the lack of readily available energy.

Propulsion is provided by hair-like limbs located on the perimeter of Eatius da Fecieus. The hairs move in a wave-like motion and provide the minute amount of thrust needed for transportation. A top speed of 2.7 centimeters per hour can be obtained. The average speed however, is only 2.3 centimeters per hour.

The typical...