How To Create A Society Of Abstience

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From the beginning of mankind, the history of different cultures has shown the diversity of how sex is practiced. From abstinence to continence societies, the word sex has different values wherever you go. In today's society, a modern North American society, it is clear that sex is accepted amongst its people. This is known worldwide as the western culture, the lifestyle of lust and sex. This lifestyle has created many social problems like teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, prostitution, and a morally wrong society. As impossible as it may sound, society needs to create a culture of abstinence and restore the sacred values of sex to what it once was, and should always have been. This can be made possible by the governmental control of sexual content in media and the national implementation of a public awareness campaign to educate everyone.

Sex is everywhere. Where you ask? Just walk into a newsstand and flip through any fashion magazine or turn on your TV and flip channels to any sitcom.

Although one may not notice at first, after closer examination one can see how everything is smothered and fueled by sex. Whether it be a magazine featuring a half naked women promoting a new fragrance, or a TV show making sex look more common than walking your dog, it has been for the last decade the most effective way to sell products and services. Films, TV shows, commercials, and magazine ads are typical ways media is being supported by sex. The saddest part is, we as consumers not only accept it, we endorse it by showing a positive reaction to the products and purchasing them. Media is arguably the most influential factor in social development of a child to an adult and is considered to determine the level moral in...