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Are All Men Created Equal? Today the American society looks to gender as a classification that defines your identity and also dictates your ability to enforce your rights. The Constitution of the United States says that all men are created equal, but in the American society homosexuals and women do not have the same rights that the Constitution "guarantees". Homosexuals and Women have to take on mask to cover whom and what they truly are to be accepted GRANTED "equal" rights. Although formally the constitution guarantees everyone equal rights, in practice this is not case for women and homosexuals. The dominant groups in society hinder these rights from being carried out. In Drucilla Cornell's essay, "Living Together: Psychic Space and the Demand for Sexual Equality", she explores the conflicting power relationships within a society. Cornell uses the power of the imagination to create an ethical category of "personhood" which overcomes the difficulties in relying on mere notions of formal or substantive equality.

The differing power relationship in society is also talked about in James Scott's essay, "Domination and the Art of Resistance". Scott involves the way public and private transcript work together to reinforce or criticize existing power relationships. Both essay concentrate on the inequality towards the subordinate group within society. After reviewing both essays it can be inferred that gender dictates what mask one wears (thesis).

In the American society freedom is thought to be the ability to make ones own decisions without being second-guessed or judged. Everyone is granted equal rights and is backed up by the law. American's also thinks of freedom as giving them the ability to strive and become whatever one desires and still possess equal treatment despite of differences. But freedom and equal rights are not distributed equally among a society. Society dictates...