Created Government of a Constitutional Monarchy.

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The country of Hoverbeacon has a population of 58 million people. It is ruled by a constitutional monarchy. It is comprised of nine political subdivisions, called states. Each of the states is further divided into varying numbers of counties. All citizens 18 years of age or older are allowed to vote. There are no political parties. The Constitution of Hoverbeacon has created three main branches of government, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The Constitution is the controlling law of the land. Each branch of government is a creation of it, and each is subject to it. The Constitution may not be changed or amended except by super-majority vote of three fourths of the people and ratified by two thirds of the States.

The Nation of Hoverbeacon is presided over by a Monarch who assumes his or her power through a process of heredity. Under certain and extreme circumstances the monarch may be elected to this position, but only in the event that the reigning monarch dies or abdicates and there is no heir to the throne.

There is no legal mechanism for removal of the reigning monarch, or the monarch's family. The monarch acts as the Head of State although their power is not absolute.

The monarch, on the advice of a majority of the legislature, formally appoints the Prime Minister to head the government and a cabinet to serve the Monarch in several capacities. Cabinet members are chosen by the prime minister, ratified by the legislature, and formally appointed by the monarch. The monarch also appoints a chief of government and 4 councilors who report to the monarch before the government makes any decisions. The Prime Minister and Cabinet serve so long as

they maintain the confidence of a majority of the Legislature. If,