Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Organizational Culture

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Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Organizational Culture

Julianne Kodani

University of Phoenix

MGT. 330

November 3, 2006

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Organizational Culture

According to the text book Management: Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations, the term 'organizational culture' is defined as a dynamic system of shared values, beliefs, philosophies, experiences, customs, and norms of behavior that gives an organization its distinctive character (Allen, Attner, Pkunkett, 2005, p. 727). Creating this culture is one of the responsibilities that managers carry out in collaboration with their employees. Establishing a healthy organizational culture is an important facet in the overall success of a reputable organization. Having a healthy organizational culture promotes the well-being of all of its employees by integrating ethical and practical customs to maximize employee output. The culture also needs to be effective to help foster employee identity within the organization and pride. There are many ways to obtain a healthy organizational culture.

In this paper, I recommend managers to focus on creating training and introductory classes that introduce and reinforce values and recognition and rewarding of good work to be key aspects to achieving a healthy organizational culture.

Introductory Classes and On-going Training

The maintenance of culture depends on the diligence of employees to uphold the values and visions of the company. However, new employees may not recognize the importance of the up-keep of the company culture. Managers could help introduce issues such as company standards, core values, mission, and goals through new employee orientation. Participating in an orientation, managers can inform new workers of the importance of their company culture and how it will affect performance and worker expectations. Orientation will also allow the new employees a venue to clarify any concerns they may have or ask questions pertaining to them as company...