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Q: What is the role of alignment in shaping corporate creativity? At the individual level? At the department level? How do leaders produce alignment? Alignment is the degree to which the interests and actions of every employee support the organizations key goals. Alignment in shaping corporate creativity is key in being a well-balanced, successful and consistently creative company. At least a quarter of all U.S. companies with 100 or more employees have some kind of creativity training. The commitment to creativity is the strongest in firms that are dependant on high technology or other leading edge developments, in fast moving areas.

The flow of creativity in a typical U.S. corporation has been initiated from the top. The senior executive dominates if he or she is creative it promotes creative development throughout much of the organization. It is important for the leader to take charge. The leader should make the goals clear and explain why the team members should follow through on those goals.

The leaders help to keep the team members on track by getting directly involved in situations that cause blocks in the creativity process. The leader sets standards for commitment to initiatives that promote the key goals.

Finally, leaders must also take a direct role in sharing in the responsibility and outcomes from group or individuals ideas within their team.

The leader must always be a motivator for the team and set standards of behavior and action. For example, when my leader called a team meeting, he began by stating that he was going to, "tell it like it is"�. He acted compassionate, yet assertive, and put out a certain air about the room that almost demanded attention and set all eyes foreword. Without hesitation, he began to tell the group that times were bad within the company.