Creating Motivated Workforce - Organisational Behavior and models.

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Creating Motivated Workforce - Theories and new model

The Question

Finding out what motivates human beings to work is a question asked for a long time and throughout many generations. We spend a significant amount of time at our work place. Our work place is like a second home. A lot in human life is attached to its work place. For example, Living standard, some social relations, emotions etc,. What motivates people and how to motivate people to work effectively towards goal of organisation and be high performer in a high performing organisation is the topic of discussion.

Why motivation is an important factor? Research has shown that without motivation to work, people can't deliver productivity, innovation, creativity and commitment for an organisation.

Biggest challenge to mangers is to get or try to get people to do their best work towards organisational goals. Organisations are complex places where there are lot factors or forces causes positive or negative impact.

For example, leadership style, organisational policies, work environment, organisational culture, rewards, etc.

Over the years, numerous theories have been proposed in attempt to capture the various sources of motivation for desired individual behaviour. These theories all propose a set of motivational sources, some arranged in a hierarchy, other viewed as developmental stages. This paper will represent some widely known theories in organisational behaviour with real life industrial examples and impact of other factors. Modern cross-disciplinary research fields like neuroscience, psychology and biology provided new insights. One of the model is based on this which is represented by Harvard professors will also be discussed.

Motivational Theories

Motivational theories look at both aspects of Human behaviour meaning that motivation and demotivation or frustration. Motivational theories are divided into to two main factors

Content or Needs - What makes Human motivated or demotivated? For...