Creating A Successful Web Presence

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Creating a successful Web site for your business takes patience. You must wait for the visitor to come to you and engage your site's attractions. The better your site, the greater the possibility of interesting the visitor. In fact, it is outrageously difficult to catch and keep users' attention on the Web, which offers so many interesting distractions. This effort is well worth your while. Recent research from ActivMedia, which extensively mines the Web market, shows that a site that supplements existing operations can significantly boost profitability. It has been estimated there are around 60 million Web pages registered with the major search engines. That is a lot of web sites in the marketplace competing against yours. The competition to be noticed is ferocious - so your web page design must be unmatched and your advertising strategy concentrated to increase your traffic.

Organization is a key factor in creating a successful web presence.

When potential customers are browsing your site, they need simple navigation and a fast way to ask questions. It is important as well to have a well-organized site. A common complaint from web browsers is trouble finding new information on a site and trouble finding pages they already know exist.

Keep the user oriented by providing navigational buttons or links on every page. If you use image maps and other graphical navigation tools, be sure to provide a text only alternative. Not everyone browses the web with a graphical rich browser or they may have graphics turned off for increased speed.

It is imperative that companies who wish to market and/or sell products in this environment do not design their strategy with a traditional communications model in mind. The feature that distinguishes the web from all other traditional mass media channels is the opportunity for interaction between...