The Creation Analytical Paper that I wrote is an analytical paper for the poem "The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson.

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In "The Creation", James Weldon Johnson uses the image of God's "toiling" hands to reveal that God is closer to the human race and less of a higher being. God is using his hands to create man. The word toiling suggests hard labor. That indicates God wants to make man perfect, "in His own image" (88). God doesn't just carelessly make man like he "spat out the seven seas" (37) or how he "hurled the world" (24). He carefully sculpts man to make him just right. Once man is created he is still imperfect in God's eyes. He is just a body. "Then into it [man] He [God] blew the breath of life, and man became a living soul" (89-90). After spending so much time creating man god decides man needs an identity. Once man is truly a person God can have a relationship with man. God can become closer to man.

James Weldon Johnson is remaking God into a reachable being instead of a higher one. Johnson is remaking God into a slave, kneeling in the dirt planting the seed of life into man, just as the slaves worked in the field to grow crops. James Weldon Johnson realizes God wants to be close to the people and world he created, and wants other people to realize this also.