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Josh Eiland

19 August 2014

Period 4 Allen

Old Testament

Making Ends Meet Between Science and Religion

The first article, A Teacher on the Front Line as Faith and Science Clash, was a very interesting story to me of how David Campbell, a Biology teacher, tried to work evolution into his school's curriculum, despite initial resistance efforts from Christian influences and local education committees. It explains how with such scientific proof and agreement that evolution is indeed the method with which our species developed from ancient ancestors, it is absurd that this process not be taught to anyone hoping to understand biology. The quote stuck out to me mentioning how "students often arrive at school fearing that evolution, and perhaps science itself, is hostile to their faith." This is a topic that really strikes true to me, as I have often contemplated whether I can still be a good Christian while taking the evolution scenario over the traditional Bible creation story of God making all the different animals and putting them on the Earth.

I felt as if my belief in evolution was defying not only religion but also God himself.

After 9th grade biology, I gained a lot of interest in the topic of evolution, leading me to read many articles and watch lots of videos, all of which convinced me that there was no proof against evolution, and a lot of proof for it. This meant to me that it was basically fact, but what then does that mean about the Bible? You know, if the creation story isn't true (or literal, I should say), then how do I know what else is? What if God never even gave Moses the Ten Commandments? How can I now tell which stories I should take word for word, and...