Creation or Evolution: Evidence of the Fossil Record

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Creation or evolution? This is a question that has plagued scientists ever since the age of Charles Darwin, the scientist who first introduced the idea of evolution back in the 1800s. However, as intelligent as Darwin may have been in his attempts to formulate the theory of evolution, the undeniable evidence of the fossil record appears to give the best support to one answer.

What is the theory of evolution, one might ask? Today, evolution is the idea that life began billions of years ago by chance, that the entire universe came about from a Big Bang. Then, according to evolution, things gradually changed and evolved from one species to another, becoming more and more complex with each species. The theory of evolution goes from fish to frog to lizard, and then to birds and hairy animals, and finally to human beings. It tells of how a simpler species eventually evolved in time and became a more complicated species due to various evolutionary factors such as natural selection, the process of survival by the fittest by which organisms that adapt to their environment survive while those that do not adapt disappear (Moran, pars.2).

In contrast, the creation idea tells of a divine Creator of the universe, of which all things originated and came to be. According to the first few chapters of Genesis in the Bible, God created different forms of life that were complex right from the beginning. God created fish to be fish, frogs to be frogs, and lizards to be lizards. After the creation of the world was completed, God created Adam, a man in His own image (Genesis 1:27). However, because of man's sin during the time of Noah, God sent the Flood from heaven and destroyed all living things, many of these buried alive...