Creation Myths

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Creations Myths

Creation myths are all similar due to the myth's basic goal to give a satisfactory explanation of the unexplainable. The people who had had created the myths whether the Greeks, Egyptians, Native Americans, or Slavic's all had the same basic needs. Since they all had the same basic needs their explanations of how they had got there were similar.

The pre-human era in all these myths evolves some sort of inexplicable void or chaos that had forever been there. The Greeks had chaos, the Norse myth had Ginnungagap, and the Egyptians had the watery chaos. The Native Americans didn't necessarily have an explanation similar to a void. Na-Pe was just always on earth and they didn't make an explanation of how he was there. Also in most of the stories there is usually a large body of water from which the gods rose.

The biggest similarity in all the stories was the fact that they were based on the people and what they experienced.

In the Egyptian story Atum was created because of the retreating Nile River. The Nile River was incorporated in their story because it controlled their life so it would seem to them to be the only thing capable of creating a god. The Native Americans also showed the relation between experiences and creation myth. In their society women were not valued as highly as men were. As an effect the story of their creation has Na-Pe making women out of scraps of clay that were not good enough to be men.

All of the creation myths also examined human nature to try to explain some of our characteristics. In the Greek creation myth, once man got fire he was no longer innocent he was destructive and cruel. Man went about making weapons of...