creation of the stars

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gulfed in darkness was a sunflower seed, floating aimlessly through space. A sudden gust cracked the seed, allowing the goddess Theophilia and the stars to emerge. The sun flower seed was too heavy and was not able to be held, so it fell and created gravity. Theophilia would have fallen too, but her large mesmerizing dove wings saved her. As she flew around in space, Theophilia fell in love with the beauty of the glowing stars. So she proceeded to create a humongous star, bigger than all the rest. However, this attempt failed, but Theophilia still managed to make a dim star, which she called the moon. Theophilia wasn't discouraged by her failure so she tried again. She made a big rock again but broke into hundreds of small pieces creating humanity. To save man from falling for eternity, Theophilia created another large hunk of rock for man to live upon.

The barren planet wasn't enough for the humans, and they began to complain to Theophilia so the stars began to fall on the rock. Each star became something else. The first melted some of the rock, creating water.

The second star created all types of animals as it fell, and a third star created the vegetation on the planet. This appeased the humans and Theophilia named the planet earth. Once the humans began to explore, they came across the sunflower seed. The humans tried to throw the sunflower seed to Theophilia, but instead, hit and killed her, bringing death into the universe. The seed broke completely in half because of the impact with Theophilia, allowing the sun to escape because it was too big to emerge with Theophilia and the stars.