Creation Stories from Ancient Cultures

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There are many religions and many cultures in this day and age. Each one of them has different Creation stories, so one must is right, and the others wrong. Since we are already gifted with the knowledge of which is right, our task is to arm ourselves with weapons that we can use against the other religions, to convert them to Christ.

I will discuss some stories and give examples from them.

In the story of Phan Ku the Creator, Phan Ku is the Great Creator, and there is no other Creator. He made all of earth with a chisel, as this example from the story shows.

"In one hand he held a chisel; and with it he carved out the world."

He also separated the sky from the earth, but the difference from the Biblical account here, is that "Phan Ku himself filled the space between earth and sky".

Only through Phan Ku's death is the world made complete.

"The dome of the sky was made from Phan Ku's skull. Soil was formed from his body. Rocks were made from his bones; rivers and seas, from his blood. All of plant life came from Phan Ku's hair. Thunder and lightning are the sound of his voice. The wind and the clouds are his breath. Rain was made from his sweat. And from the fleas covering him came all of mankind."

Olorun the Creator has servant gods, who do most of his work for him. They are the gods who make all of Earth and vegetation, and form the animals and men, but they can't put life into them. Olorun is the only one who can do that.

In Old Man the Creator, the Old Man traveled around the world, which he had not created, and made all the animals...