Creation Vs Evolution

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The theories of Biblical Creation and Evolution both provide relevant evidence towards the beginning of mankind. Illustrating the facts behind both beliefs may provide a relative guide towards the truth.

The primary source of information on the Creation theory is the Bible. To find the Bible as a source of genuine information, the validity of the book must be verified. One example of the Bible's facts is the great flood (Genesis 7:11). The great flood was supposedly the first time it had ever rained on Earth. This rain consumed the entire planet, and caused a massive flood. One fact that supports this event is held in the location of fossils. In temperate regions fossilized coral has been discovered. Likewise in artic regions fossilized tropical forests and animals have been found. Oil and coal deposits have even been found in artic regions. Now this validates the story of the great flood in a scientific manner.

If the flood was the first rain, there would be a large amount of water vapor in the upper stratosphere and below the normal atmosphere. The release of this vapor would leave the stratosphere cold and would invert temperate zones all over the world. Those fossils prove that theory, which in turn validates the story of the great flood. The Bible claims that God made the Earth in 7 days. With the dating of generations from the Bible, we find that the creation of Adam would have been a few thousand years ago. Supposedly 7 days before Adam's creation there was nothing. Geologists have carbon dated the Earth to be trillions of years old. How then could the Earth have been created a mere 6 days before Adam? The Bible also says the following: "a day to God is like a thousand days to man".