Creation Vs. Evolution

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Journey Through Time 8

7 October 2013

Creation vs. Evolution

Creation is a true and wonderful belief. Non-believers, on the other hand, may believe in evolution. However, most Christians believe creation, while others think that a comet made the world. God made animals and plants for people to enjoy every single day. Creation proves to be more accurate than evolution. According to creation, after the Flood, mankind repopulated and spread around the world making different kinds of cultures and civilization. Evolution presents a different a story. Human development, according to evolution, finished 1-4 millions ago. In addition, evolution also describes man to have developed from various stages. All people descended from Noah, whether black or white. Migration started after the Tower of Babel incident. Creation states that there are three main groups that spread around the world. The first group was entitled, Hamitic, the descendants from Ham.

Semitic, the descendants that came from Shem and the descendants came from Japheth, the Japhetic. In the same manner, evolution mentions no clear picture of dates or routes of early spread. If evolution remains true then these different animals would not exist today. All the animals would disappear because of evolution the animals would have turned into humans. Furthermore creation and evolution appear to be two completely different beliefs. Webster dictionary defines creation as the bringing into of existing of the universe, especially when regarded as an act of God. Evolution means the process by which different kinds of living organisms are

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thought to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth. In addition, evolution is unable to explain 50,000 years of separation of different people for specific characterization to develop man. At the same time, creation says, after the Flood men...