Creationism Vs Evolution

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Creation vs. Evolution The purpose of this report is to prove the science of creation and falsify evolution. I have collected valid points from both sides and will attempt to explain both from an un-biased viewpoint. After reading my report you will hopefully be able to choose a side.

I will kick off my paper by discussing evolution. One dictionary defines the term as any change in the genetic composition of a population during successive generations, as a result of natural selection acting on the genetic variation among individuals, and resulting in the development of new species. The modern theory of evolution began with a man named Charles Darwin, an English naturalist who invented the theory of "natural selection". Natural selection, roughly explained, states "the strongest survives". This applies to any species of life. Even though Darwin had no knowledge of genetics or the fossil record, his theory is still the basis of evolution.

(Berra, pg. 6) Like stated above, evolution scientists use the fossil record and rock formations (strata) to support their beliefs. What is ironic, though, is that when these are used to prove evolution, major holes are shown. William "Strata" Smith, a geologist, was one of the first people to begin analyzing sedimentary rock strata. He was also one of the first to assume the most basic of evolutionary strata theories. It states that the older strata must be under the younger strata. He called his theory the doctrine of superposition.

Obviously if this theory is correct, then the older strata should always be below the more recent strata. Now the fun part. According to a study (Bulletin of Geological Society of America, Feb. 1959), most mountain formations have their strata laid opposite to what evolution states it should be. The older stratum is above the...