Creative diary entry of a man living in Weimar Germany before WWII

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Life is really quite surreal here in Germany. I really don't know how to feel about the new Nazi rule that has been forced upon us. Life certainly is different, and I guess it will never be the same again. Well, not in the foreseeable future. We're pretty much stuck with it, and there's really nothing you can do about it, except for sit tight, and don't open your mouth too much.

It all started with that stupid treaty, 'The treaty of Versailles'. It put Germany in all sorts of problems, most importantly, it made the political state of Germany totally messed up, and there was nothing there really. Hyperinflation meant that there was a high unemployment rate, and the economic state was absolutely dreadful.

See now this man who was in World War One, a collage dropout, was a real passionate supporter of Germany. He was so passionate he staged riots and ended up in prison.

During the eight months he was in prison, he wrote a book, called Mein Kampf, about how he disapproved of the system, and what he'd do to change it, and that really made people sympathise with him.

At this point German was in a quite dreadful state, even worse than when the treaty was signed. Hitler was gaining more and more support, with each speech a new wave of supporters, with each rally a new wave of supporters. This got so much that the German voters democratically made the Nazis the more popular party in Germany. I have to admit, I even voted for them. I really thought they were the answer, seriously, but how wrong I was. How wrong I was.

It all seemed so bright. There were posters everywhere, telling the stories of convert-nazis, who were saying...