A creative essay about performing a highschool musical

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Click, click is the sound of high heels walking across a cold, hard floor, a stage to be particular. Aching feet are screaming at her, but she has to ignore the pain and concentrate. "Arms out, long and graceful steps, REMEMBER your lines," shrieks throughout her head. She is up on that stiff, black stage to entertain the audience and is determined to do so.

Quietly waiting backstage for her cue, she hugs her fellow casts mates and wishes them luck. Finally the moment has arrived for her to step onto the stage with the bright lights shining in her face. Scanning the audience, all she can see is darkness and the exit signs glowing bright red in the back. Her first scene was no big deal. It went so smoothly; the audience laughed and clapped at all of the right places. Her only worries are about her songs.

What if she hits the wrong note or sings the wrong words?

Act two is approaching quickly; it's her big love scene. It has always been her least favorite during the rehearsals. It is so corny and unbelievable that she thinks the audience will detest it. "Oh dear!" she ponders. "Now the kiss," but the scene is run through without any effort, like she has run through a hundred times before, and she has. Her big finale for the second act went perfectly as well, and finally, after what seems like a million years, the curtain closes.

During act three, she can relax a little more because she does not enter until the very end of the show. There is plenty of time for her to change into her beautiful black and white sequin ball gown and get her make-up ready to dazzle the audience. Only one more...