A creative essay on sleep and a deep explination of one of my dreams

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Sleeping and dreaming are wonderful things. It can refresh you with good dreams. Some people sleep like a rock and can never be woken up. When you dream many things can happen. You can have bad dreams that won't go away, or have good dreams that make you feel great and make you think, " What was so wonderful about that dream?" Occasionally a dream may have disastrous consequences.

I sleep like a rock. You could hit me over the head with a hammer and I would keep sleeping. But early in the morning, I begin to sleep lightly and dream. I usually dream about animals or something that happened the day before. What I find strange is that I can think but when I try to move I can't move a muscle. I will tell myself, "Come on, you have to leave for school and get ready," but I won't do it.

If I try to move, nothing happens. Only when my parents enter my room and tell me, "Time to get up," will I move. I think I move then because they wake me up from this peculiar paralysis.

I find that dreams can be anything you want or don't want to think about. Like many people I know, I can't name many of my dreams because I forget them once I wake up. All I know is that most of the dreams take place in a school hall or in a large open room with wood floors. Many of my dreams are conversations with people I feel comfortable around. I see their faces but I usually can't recognize any of them. They still seem like friends but at the end of the dream I can't remember the names of any of these people.

When I was a...