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Dear Shakespeare,

My name is Caliban, one of your very own characters in The Tempest. I am writing in regards to my character and the way I was portrayed. You describe me as "demi-devil", "poor credulous monster", and a "hag-seed". As the son of Sycorax and the original inhabitant of the island, my character gets constantly questioned over man or monster, which seems to be unjust.

I am viewed as a monster by a majority of the characters, but I see myself as more ambiguous. I understand that my grotesque appearance and decision making make most characters side with Prospero, however I have a passion for my island and desire to be loved which make me seem more sympathetic. Prospero enslaves me early on in the play for reasons I believe to be unjust. My knowledge of the island demonstrates my native status and I such think that this is the sole reason I have been made a monster unrightfully.

Though I make some regretful decisions, such as trusting Stefano when I am drunk, I am still able to remain loyal to a man that has made me his slave for one too many years. Moreover, my refusal to serve Prospero perhaps is a true sign of the power in The Tempest.

Throughout the play I am constantly seen as a victim to Prospero's tyranny. When I declare my rights to the island, we are reminded that Prospero took over and enslaved me. With that said, I admire my feisty and challenging qualities especially towards Prospero. This is seen when I point out learning Prospero's language that gave me the ability to "curse" his tormentor. My strong desire to repopulate, to reproduce represents an animal instinct which he follows unlike Prospero and Miranda who...