Creative Response from "Edward Scissorhands" - the movie "STAMP YOUR FEET TO THE TUNE OF INDIVIDUALISM"

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Kim Normal but most of you know me as Kim Blogg, daughter well known Avon lady, Peg and her husband Bill. I am running to become the greatest, paramount Mayor this town is ever to see. My policy is one, which has derived from many observations throughout the countless years of my life spent living in such an extraordinary community as this one. Of these experiences numerous have been in relation to a single figure, still well remembered by many, this person being Edward Scissorhands.

Stamp your feet to the sound of individualism is my slogan. And I wish that by the conclusion of this speech you will agree with me that individuality is an impression each person shall and should believe in, while living in this community. My vision for the future is a clear, unique, sophisticated way of life for each and every one of you.

The objections of my campaign are to ultimately make one and all have a better life. To achieve this, we must progress and continue building our foundations of bonding together and women's rights. An idea I aspire towards, is building a community facility centre that would aid the helpless wondering souls of our community.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, I believe that our community needs to further bond together in order to strive forwards towards the future. We should allow our true feelings be the leaders so we may connect with our acquaintances, instead of judging them on their looks and belongings. The words 'Greater love has no man' are written in the Bible. These basic words provide the guidance that we need to follow and interoperate in our own ways. In this town our houses all look the same, our cars are...