A creative story about nothing inparticular.

Essay by MelloJunior High, 9th gradeA+, May 2003

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Can you create a story that doesn't really deal with anything? This is a creative writing that relates to nothing, but entertains the young reader's mind.

Title: Amilio

Author: Mello

My name is Amilio. Everyone calls me Amilio. My closer friends call me Amilio. My enemies call me Amilio. I like to call myself Michael. Why, because I am really Michael Jackson. Really! Every morning I wake up to the greeting of my mother fist on my back tenderly screaming into my ear "Go to school Amilio". Every morning I reply with the same "I don't want to go to school". She always says "Why? What is it this time?". "Because I'm bad! You know it!." This morning my mother and I went through the usual dialogue. I hopped out of bed and began dancing on top of it. Hitting all of the vintage Michael Jackson dance moves. As I grabbed my crouch my mother pulled the bed sheets from under me.

I fell to the bed, nearly injuring my cranium. I groomed myself as usual. I through on some undies, a black tee shirt, and pulled out my new sneakers. The black, and gray retro VIII's. I then raced down stares only to be surprised by those rude, imposing visitors of no manners. I see them wherever I go. They wear blue uniforms, and these funny looking blue hats. They carry big black sticks, bullet proof vests that tend to be hidden well by the gun they constantly point at you. At that instance I was told to freeze. Me being the down syndrome plagued young man I am, I replied "freeze what?" The boys in blue then attacked me, forcing handcuffs on to my wrist. I thought to myself, I like this game. I then began kicking...