Creative Story showing the theme of "outsider". Presents views on a school boy isolated from all other boys in the school.

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It was the first day back at school for a new year. Many of us still longed to be on holiday, carefree and careless. It showed on our faces as we grumpily and wearily made our way along the corridors to our House Room. This year our form (11) had a new student. When we walked in we all just looked at him, scrutinizing, mentally noting anything unusual. There was something about him though, but I couldn't quite see it. Nobody interacted with him at first - the teachers were all around him, then he was set free, for us students to talk with him, I didn't talk to him myself, rather I just listened to the questions of others, which, he answered them faintly. They ask him questions to get him talking, to get him relaxed, but he simply answered the questions and nothing more. Soon the interest wore off and he was left all alone.

Sitting in our usual spots in class, the new kid separated himself from us, sitting alone at the back. We thought he was shy so we left him, expecting he would loosen up at recess. The bell rang and we all went back to our lockers, laughing and mucking around. It was half way through recess before we saw the new kid again. He was sitting by himself looking out onto the oval, we invited him over to join in, but he simply said no thanks and walked away. Now we were mystified.

I didn't have any lessons with him for the rest of the day. That night on msn he came up in the topic of conversation. All my friends online thought he was weird. I told them he was probably just nervous and hed be alright tomorrow.

But he wasn't.