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Horn Island

My trip to Horn Island was the best field trip ever. It was so fun, yet we learned so much. The only bad thing about it was that darn portfolio. It's all good though, I'm done with it. So let me tell you all about the trip.

The bus ride to Gulf Port was pretty boring because most of us were asleep, but it got better as the day progressed. We listened to music, told jokes, and snacked. We had to take a slight detour though, because Ms. Laughlin had to go to the bathroom, so we used that to our advantage and got some food at the gas station. Then we were back on the road.

When we arrived at the Gulf Coast Research Lab, we were ready to collapse onto our beds and take a nap before dinner. Too bad our rooms weren't ready for us.

The people there kept switching us around and making us wait, but we finally our room. I shared one with Thomas. The room was kind of weird because it had a bunch of clothes in the dresser, but it worked. We took a little nap and visited until Mrs. Wiygul said it was time for dinner.

We went to eat at a seafood restaurant called McElroy's. That was probably one of the best times on the whole trip. I sat next to our student teacher, Ms. Pedlow. We waited a while for our dinner, but that was all right because we talked to each other while we were waiting. I think the funniest part of the evening was when Ms. Pedlow said, "Kyle, stop fingering your crabs.", because Kyle kept messing with the crabs that he ordered. I don't think she thought that one through before she said it.

The big day finally arrived. We set out early that morning to get to the docks on time; stopping at McDonald's for some breakfast. We arrived at the docks and the Glenn L. Swetman was waiting for us. We all climbed aboard the little schooner in no time, anxious to get to the island. We untied the ropes from the dock and set out on the open sea, loaded with food and drinks for the warm, sunny day ahead.

The boat ride out to the island was fairly boring. We were all laid out on the deck like little turtles sunning themselves. We saw dolphins a little way out from the shore and we managed to get a few good pictures. We also had a little game where we would throw things like M&Ms into the wind and they would come back and hit someone. The teachers didn't like that very much.

We finally got to the island and immediately got to work. We drew lots and lots of plants and animal remains. I even found a starfish. When we finished, we only had about 30 minutes left on the island, so we swam and ran around on the beach. Then we had to get back on the schooner and leave the sandy island. The boat ride back was very cold and uneventful.

When we got back, we washed up and went to eat dinner. It was to be our last meal in Gulf Port. We were all very sad that we would have to leave the next morning, but I think we were ready to go home. We will all remember the good and the bad of our field trip to Horn Island.