Creative writing about a cat with a little bit or morals.

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Choose and Lose

It was a bright, sunny afternoon in Mandarin, South Carolina when the Johnsons' pulled into the driveway of their new house. Jennifer, who turns 17 in two months, was anxious to start school and to start a new life for herself. Her little brother, Matthew, had been annoying her for the last 5 hours as they drove from Dalton, Georgia. Dan, Jennifer's father, finally had to ground Matthew before he would calm down. Mr. Johnson worked as a realtor for the government and was asked to help head up the South Carolina division. Linda Johnson, Jennifer's mother, was the webmaster for the CBL Corporation and enjoyed moving around from time to time. They were all glad to be here, and started to settle down immediately.

You wouldn't exactly call Jennifer a "geek", but she always had the best grades and never got into any trouble. Sports weren't really her thing, and she turned to reading to sooth her often uneasy mind.

Along with her gift for academics, came a lack of social skills. It usually took Jennifer a few weeks to develop new friends. Her appearance wasn't very favorable, and the thick glasses she wore just made her look like an alien. Sara and Jessica were the only two friends that Jennifer really had. She wished she didn't have to leave them back in Georgia, but she also desired the chance to start over in a new place. She was going to make an excellent impression with everyone and was going to try many new things.

With two days left until the start of school, Jennifer experimented with her image and tried to find a look that suited her. She also tried to change her attitude a little, so that she could be more rounded. Her...