This is a creative writing essay comparing the story "Metamorphasis" by Franz Kafka to the movie "The Goonies"

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"The Metamorphosis" Essay

Gregor Samsa awakes one morning to find that he has been inexplicably transformed into a giant insect. The family is shocked and no one is fully able to handle this transformation. Grete, more than his father or mother, handles the situation practically. Gregor is fed, and his room is cleaned while he is isolated in it. However the fear and disgust his presence inspires is a detriment to his mother's health and incites his father to brief fits of violence.

Due to Gregor's transformation society immediately labels him as a freak and he is isolated from all other humans besides his family. On the outside Gregor is a monster but inside he still holds compassion for his family. I disagree with Franz Kafka's idea because not all of society is concerned with the outward appearance of an individual.

When someone in the story saw Gregor they were immediately terrified by him and fled the scene.

Also Gregor's parents in the story change their whole outlook on him after he is changed. His mother is terrified by him and his father begins to have violent outbursts because of Him. However Grete shows some sympathy for Gregor even though he is a giant insect.

A similar situation is in the movie The Goonies. In it there is a certain person, named Sloth, who is physically deformed and was locked up by his family. He is then discovered by one of the goonies, Chunk, and is befriended by him. In the end he saves the goonies from the bad guys and certain doom. If Chunk didn't overlook Sloths deformities his friends would have met certain doom.

The appearance of as person doesn't, make out who they are or what they will be in life. Most couples that marry for appearance...