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YBC Special: Interview with Cool

I have to admit I was overly nervous and hesitant when I was sent the assignment

of interviewing Cool in February of 2003. I had no idea of what to expect. I had heard so

much about Cool in recent times, however, when it came down to it, I really had no

understanding of the truths surrounding him. Due to his Aloofness and eccentricity, he

was constantly accused and branded by the public as being "Too Cool". Until now, he has

never given such a candid interview. Unlike other broadcasting networks, my plan isnt to

villify, expose or exploit Cool, but instead to accurately and truthfully depict him so we,

"the uncool", mediocre public can gain an understanding of the phenom.

I arrived on a frigid February Friday to meet Cool at his sprawling 150 room

mansion in Berlin,Germany. As I walked with the film crew through the huge, black iron

gates to the front door, I couldn`t help but notice the plethora of Ferraris, Lamborghinis

and other exotic cars parked in his driveway out front.

All were painted a mesmerizing

deep blue and all bearing the same personalized tag, "2COOL4U". Now my nervousness

peaked as I was awaiting for Cool to appear from behind the front door I just knocked on.

Cool immediately opened the door and I was awestruck. Maybe even starstruck. He

looked like James Dean in a ten thousand dollar black Gucci suit. His hair was brushed

perfectly and his eyes were focused upon me, pierceing with a squint reminscent of those

tough-guy, one man army, action-movie stars. The icy glare he gave me was enough to

send chills up my spine. After a few seconds of silence, and a couple of my resounding

heartbeats later, Cool calmly said,"Relax,