This is a creative writing essay. it is about a girl, who prepares for her first date and when the time for it comes, the guy never appears.

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The date

This is how it all started. I was at my best friend's party; we were in a spacious apartment . Her parents had agreeably left the house that night. The flat had three commodious bedrooms, a very large living room, a kitchen and a dining room. We were mostly in the living room, but some people stayed in one of the bedrooms.

Cassie, my best friend, had almost emptied the living room. There was only a sizable stereo system with two substantial speakers. Their shadows were like menacing monsters in a satanic wood. The rest of the room was empty. It only had a beige-brown carpet, the color of a new-born kitten after it had rolled in the dust, over the parquet. You could not see the color of it though, because of the lighting. In the whole room, there were different colored bright lights, dancing around, chasing each other.

I was having a really good time, dancing and chatting to all my friends. Then, I saw him- he was my dream. It was like he had come out of my dreams to reality. The perfect boy I had been fantacizing about for as long as I could remember. All I had to do was go up to him and start a conversation. But how? I just stared at him, trying to try to think of a way. That is when I realized his dark blue eyes, the color of the sea during a storm, were staring back at me. I knew it was time. My hands started sweating. I went up to him and it all worked out, as if by plan. We then went to one of the bedrooms, where we just talked for hours, which were to us mere minutes.

It just had a bed,