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Friday, June 17, 2005

Dear Mrs. Stephens,

You mentioned that every Friday afternoon the students have an hour of free time; so I propose that this time be used for a dance class. The students need something to inspire and encourage them to be more successful in life. Having good grades and a good education is a treasured aspect, but it cannot teach you grace, balance, poise, rhythm, tolerance and most importantly; passion. I believe, if you stick with dancing, you will find a passion for it which can uplift the mind, body and soul. Dance is a wonderful gift to give someone; it is the gift of teaching the body a technique that has been passed from generation to generation for almost 500 years. I believe dance can overcome fear, shame, embarrassment, depression, laziness, boredom; but, above all it can improve the self image of both males and females.

I have been taking dance for 12 years and although I'm not a professional, I believe I have a strong background in the basics. I'm an enthusiastic dancer who feels confident in teaching others. I have helped many girls with difficult steps in my dance classes and many younger dancers look up to me.

I would prefer to have at least 10 students, 7 girls and 3 boys ages 12 to 18. If there are more or younger students that want to participate, they are welcome also. I will teach the students the basics of ballet then tap and finally jazz. Ballet is not easy to learn, but I know techniques to teach it accurately and effectively. Learning tap is not as difficult as jazz; because at the level of jazz I'm planning to teach, you must be flexible, strong and have good balance. I'm sure each individual will...