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A death in the family can teach a person a lot about life.

My Father died when I was about 7 yrs old. As I've grown up I have realized the many differences there are to growing up without a dad. My mother went to work full time after my father died out of a need to support us so she was gone a lot of the time. I have an older brother who took it upon himself to be the discipline. Needless to say that didn't work out very well. We were both young and I didn't recognize my brother as an authority figure. Because of this there was a lot of rivalry between us. As teenagers we turned to alcohol and pot because they seemed to help us deal with emotions that were otherwise unexpressed.

My brother and I were able to hide our using from our mother for a lot of years.

She was a restaurant manager and her job kept her away from home for 12 hrs a day. There were, of course, those exceptions like holidays such as New Years and Christmas, Parties and Concerts where hiding our use became impossible, so we didn't even try. We would play it off like these happenings were few and far between. There was never any real discipline over these incidents. Our mother felt that we were going through the same thing all teenage kids went through.

There were, of course, those times when my mother did try to discipline us. As my brother and I were both big boys, the few times our mother got mad enough to hit us, she would hurt herself more then us. Other times she would put us on restriction, but as she worked 12 hrs a day, we would only have...