A creative writing piece on a day of work experience at a nursery; through the eyes of an alien. (Title - Santa Claus is coming to town)

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"Santa Claus is coming to town."

" Wwwhhhaaaaaa ... ... aaaaaaaaaa ... ... boing, boing, thud! " The harmonacraft slid a little way before landing with a great deal of impact upon the soft surface. Much turbulence had been caused by the planet's gravitational force field when entering its atmosphere. My destination, Earth had been located successfully, however safe-landing areas had not been identified by the triple G sonar, (a.k.a. Green Grid Guide) which had been implemented into the harmonacraft just before lift off. This meant that the system had not been preplayed to ensure direct navigation to the zone that was to undergo examination. Despite initial uncertainties I managed to avoid collisions with the nostalgic shooting stars and just escaped death from the Opilostic black hole that awaited me before entrance to the Milky Way. To my surprise there were no signs of this white fluid substance called milk, in fact the Milky way galaxy looked very much like our own galaxy Musikarma.

One evident difference though, was the lack, of harmonacrafts. The place looked dead, lifeless!

Project HR had dominated most of my life as an intergalactic technomatic researcher and it was essential that I went back to my home planet of Town with proof and evidence of this special person, who would provide us with information about an undercover project called 'Work Experience'. This special person was known as a female, and went by the name of Sukhvir (and I thought my name was wierd!!!) Back home everyone called me Dinzelnitwit; this human's name made mine look great! Despite all of the prior research into this project my hopes of actually finding her started to look dismal, but I couldn't let my fellow Gigglenit people down. I had to go on!

I had spent some time hovering...