This is a creative writing piece about my friend almost drowning. It has four parts to it, each tells the same story from a different perspective.

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The Pool

Flashing red and blue dominated the room. Video games were all he could see; nothing could tear him away. Engulfed in sounds of race cars and yelling fans, he sat there, clueless. No noise penetrated his ears. Fingers ran across controls at light speed, his mind focused completely on the game.

The sun rose, leaving a glare on the television screen. Images of the crashing cars hid behind white light, and frustrated by the forces beyond his control, he sat back, waiting to lose. Bored, he wandered to the window.

"Mom! Mom! Sis fell!" he yelled, his face pressed against the glass even harder than his fingers against the controls moments before. Condensation appeared on the window, and the little green eyes continued to look onto the scene, helpless.

"Mom, hurry! She can't swim!" Tears crawled down his cheek as he waited. Seconds took hours. Fans continued to roar in the background, but now he shut them out of his mind.

He watched his baby sister sinking. His mother jumped into the pool. Water shot into the sky only to come down moments later, littering the concrete. He watched her swim to the depths of the pool, with each stroke her biceps tense. He mom was brave.

He looked into the kitchen. There sat his dad. He wondered why he hadn't jumped in along with mom, but his throat prevented all speech. Screams gathered deep in his belly, but nothing came out. Anger left him as tears and deep breaths, but confusion swelled inside. He stared into his dilated eyes and questioned his life. He wanted nothing more than to be at the bottom with his sister, to hold her in her final moments. Something smashed and he turned to see his mother carrying a lifeless child. He...