Creative Writing: Story of Joe Zombie

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On a dark and dreary night, an old car pulls in front of the Davidsonville cemetery. The driver, a kid around eighteen years old gets out. A second kid, around the same age also gets out after turning off the loud radio. The third kid fiercely pushes out a scared kid out then gets out himself. "Listen, all you have to do is write your name on his tombstone," his words are.

"That's all?" the scared kid asks.

"Yup, then you are in."

So, although really scared, the "new" kid walks over to a tombstone with the words "Joe Rombie" written on it and starts writing. When he gets to the second letter, he hears a distant voice. He turns around but suddenly; a hand rises from the grave and grips the kid by his ankle. It smashes the kid to the tombstone with great force. The two other kids, who were watching to make sure he wrote his name, start running.

They jump into the car and start speeding away. As they are driving, something lands on the roof of the car with a great thud. The driver panics and looses control, and the car swerves around and crashes into a tree. Then, loud screams rise from inside the car.

About an hour later, a cop car pulls up in front of the car. One of the officers gets out of the car and walks over to the debris while the other talks over the radio. The officer exclaims, "Oh my go... Bob...their, their brains...their brains...are...gone!"

The other officer, walking to the other side of the car, putting the cop car in-between himself and the other officer, says, "I'll notify the HQ immediately."

Right that moment; he hears a loud scream, fallowed by a splash of blood, and a...