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It was noon, a foggy day with some sun shining on us, birds flew low and frogs croaking. The atmosphere was like it's on my mood, half shinny half foggy. I was excited yet scared for the misleading of my future. As we walked up the wooden steps toward the semi - big wooden house on the edge of the hill, my heart beat at a pace of an ant on a hot plate. I took a deep breath in the effort of allowing myself to maintain a slight of calm that would leak away from me, which could engulf my mind with excitement.

We walked through the front doors to the office directly inside. A Lady directed me and my family to a room off to the right, which turned out to be a dinning room. We sat down at a long table filled with about with a dozen chairs, waiting for instructions.

A man who wore a set of formal suit sat in front of the round table holding a bundle of papers, which we later referred through. As I remembered, the information that was given to us was only text with some sketches of houses. I stole a quick glance at my 4 brothers, they looked back, and we dare not express our own decisions. We took another glance at our father, he had a serious look on his face. Knowing the economic condition that we are facing, we sold the old house to rent another house. In some meals the family had barely enough for our selves to eat. Again our head went down staring at the pieces and pieces of paper that had been given to us, still staying silence. It's as if my brother and I were the only person on earth.

Suddenly the peace of silence broke that was kept for so long, a forceful voice that spread from two seats away from mine, my father looked back at us saying: "I have made a final decision, we are going to rent this house". Another long pause of silence that was kept between us, we agreed no matter what house had been chosen, since we do not hold any position to speak. The contract was filled out with a signature and a fingerprint.

Four strange looking girls entered the dinning room and stood there, staring at us with their friendly, yet judgmental eyes. We could predict that they are the land lord's wife. They lead us out of the building while having a little chit chat with us. I certainly knew that one of them is looking at my T - shirt filled with sewing stitches and pants filled with holes while thinking: "These people are lower class human being and should not be respected." I could sense and see the tension that is expressed within them with my naked eyes, I was being looked down because my family was poor!!! The pressure of that ladies standing beside made me want to disappear in any seconds, I hated that pair of eyes she had when she stared at me with her friendly yet judgmental eye. I felt really depressed and tried too seek for revenge, but I could do nothing but to exit the house.

I felt that my life became a free soul after I exit the land lord's house. There would be no one looking down at me anymore just because we were poor. I learned that sometimes things happen and you could not have control in it. The day started out with pretty well off with excitement but ended miserably by the stare of her eyes. After all the most important thing is that body gestured is the most important way to communicate with each other. 80 percent of communication are through body gestures, even if do not say anything, other people could detect what you really mean.