What is Creativity?

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'Creativity', a simple word hiding a world of meanings! To truly realize the meaning of this abysmal expression one has to ponder it deeply. The inability of researchers to identify a single definition confirms that the concept of creativity is too large to peruse. People though fail to understand what they can not see with the naked eye, unless it is written in substantial words. Therefore, upon looking around us, we have managed to pair together a few lucid words to try to illustrate the limitless interpretation of creativity.

word>Creativityword> is the ability to think in a different way, to wander outside the paths that have been laid down by people and exploring new ones. It is allowing one self to make mistakes, to expand your universe of possibilities to see alternatives that had not seemed evident. To be more aesthetic with the definition, creativity is the grand finale at the Eid fireworks.

It's the hammer that hits the nail on the head, the pretty pink feathers on bulletin boards. It's the juices simmering in a world of 'what if?' Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Everyone is creative, for creativity is a trait in humans as intelligence is. Life would not be palpable if inventiveness didn't exist, for if everyone is thinking alike, then nobody is thinking. We have to believe that a creative being lives within ourselves, whether we like it or not, and that we must get out of its way, for it will give us no peace until we do. Individuals not only differ in the amount or level of the creative ability that they possess, but they also differ in their 'style' of creativity. In other words, two individuals that possess an equal level of creativity may exhibit...