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Creativity is seeing the same thing as

everybody else but thinking of something different. Most people are creative to various extents. It is just that some people act on their ideas while others ignore them. Inventors and artists take action on their ideas. How many people have said "I could have done that". The response to that is "Well, why didn't you?" After reading "A WHACK ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD" two interesting points stood alone. The fact that we are all creative only at different levels and that creativity can be learned.

Different people have different levels and abilities of creativity, much like anything else that is a skill and like other skills, creativity can be developed. Often people will think they aren't creative because they are basing their opinion on a skill they do not have. Creativity, is the ability to generate novel responses to problems and challenges, which is a basic human ability.

Some people are encouraged to express their creative ability more than others. Artists, in addition to expressing their creativity, also have traits like manual dexterity, good eye-hand coordination and other skills than enable them to more fully express their creative thoughts. Similarly, athletes, teachers, and scientists have special skill sets that enable them to express their creative ideas. There are many obstacles which hinder our creative process such as: fear of criticism, lack of confidence and the main fear is the belief that one is not creative. When an obstacle is eliminated our creativity level will rise. Additionally, education also can be a determining factor in what creativity level one is performing at. Education tends to broaden one's view of the world by being exposed to information and ideas that may not be conventional.

It helps to think of creativity as a skill...