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creativity is a new idea or product which is socially acceptable and valued, and which is brought to fruition. That's creativity with a big "C," creativity that changes the culture. Big c creative person makes a difference with the domain and often for the whole society. field is very important for the big sea creativity. they also contribute something of permanent significance. Big c creativity is instantly recognized, famous, gets fame. Creative individuals with a capital "C." make life meaningful and enjoyable, Csikszentmihalyi explores how these individuals have found ways to make flow a permanent feature of their lives and at the same time contribute to the evolution of our culture.

Jacob Rabinow (200 patents in diverse areas) believes most original thinkers share three common traits -- 1) their curiosity, from early childhood, results in acquiring a great deal of information, 2) they enjoy thinking up and combining ideas, and 3) they recognize their "good" ideas and don't hesitate to discard "junk" ideas.

Frank Offner (first electronic controls for jet engines and developer of the only successful heat-homing missiles in World War II) notes that while a "solid grounding in physical sciences" is an asset, knowledge from other fields may trigger a creative person's mind to override what is assumed to be true in one field. He also feels the love or joy of solving problems is a key to finding solutions. This fun aspect is so strong that Rabinow is quoted as saying that, given a choice between money-making and fun, he would go for the fun. Robert Galvin (head of Motorola for 30 years) is reported as saying two traits are essential: 1) anticipation, i.e., having a vision of the future, and 2) commitment, which keeps you going when you or others have doubts. He also practices a...