What is creativity?

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Define Creativity

Listed here are all of the collected responses for definition of creativity. Also note, all of the responses shownonthispage andthe next fourare AS THEY APPEAR on our collected plates.

Creativity is the expansive use of imagination in application.

The use of ideas and the ability to think of things that are original.

Using imagination & unonventional thinking to solve problems or create new things.

Origional or unique thought.

Creativity is having the self-confidence to know that your finite mind has the ability to conceive of an infinite number of new ideas and the drive to never stop actualizing these ideas.

Creativity is the process by which we, as living organisms with conscious thought processes, create new thoughts, ideas, and concepts with the items and intelligencereadilyavailableto us.

Creativity is something I do not posses. Creativity is method with which each individual expresses him/herself. It completelydisregardstheinfluences of the outsideworld and reflects only the individual.

Creativity is a process thrugh which you express yourself/ re-invent yourself/ develope new ideas & new ways of thining! Make this definition obsolete.

Ability to be original & new.

Creativity is being able to "think outside of the box." It is taking a new perspective.

Having the ability to take inanimateobjectsor ideas& makethem into something special.

One's ability to express who they arethrouh an unpredictable medium.

Creativity is expressing yourself through art, music, or athletics in a unique way that is specifically you.

Expressing yourself * Doing your thing.

Not needing to lookup creativity in the dictionary to be able to define it -or-[ The use of imagination or origional ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.]

Creativity is the ability to realize an atypical vision in an unorthodox way.

Being creativeistaking the things around you that are availableforallbut taking something unique from it.