Creativity and Me: An Epiphany

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I experienced an epiphany of sorts recently, possibly in Creative Thinking class. It dawned on me the stereotypes I had placed upon Creativity were myopic. Below, I attempt to narrate my self-discovery vis-Ã -vis Creativity.

I share a profound love-hate relationship with Creativity. Omnipresent yet elusive, I have since identified Creativity as the architect of numerous accomplishments, albeit also the perpetrator of many wrongdoings. I had come to conclude two idiosyncrasies of Creativity: First, it has no eyes, no judgment of right or wrong, good or evil; second, it starts flowing only in highly stressful situations;Let me examine the first observation. Creativity is like the proverbial double-edged sword. In my journey of self-discovery of creativity, the lack of a moral compass in Creativity is evident.

To illustrate, I shall take the liberty of recounting personal experiences. During the recent Creative Thinking group assignment involving us to paint a masterpiece, I conceived the initial skeleton for our work, and with valuable input from everybody, we were able to mold and create a masterpiece and garnered a respectable score.

Everybody was creative. I believed the pressure-cooker situation was the catalyst; I doubt I could have replicated that sort of creative offering on any other normal day.

I recount also, the day where I had to give a MS Powerpoint presentation in class. Instead of diligently working, I chose to procrastinate. Predictably, I came to class panicky. And then a stroke of creativity hit. I took my diskette, opened the “shutter” and deliberately scratched the magnetic part of the film. Composed, I inserted the disk and made a scene about the unexpected “disk error”. The kind sir gave me “an extension of one week... so that I am not penalized for what is obviously a regrettable technical error” In retrospect, I admit the lack...