Creativity In Film

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Producing Creativity in Film A space ship sits on the launching pad, engines pouring out smoke and sweltering flames. The astronauts sit inside the cockpit pushing levers and buttons while calling their status to mission control. The space ship catapults itself into the hazy sky with great force and velocity. The director says, ?cut? and everyone leaves the set for their lunch break. Today this is a typical day at most movie sets, a realistic scenario put forth by creative minds and loads of money. The creativity factor of films has greatly progressed in the past twenty years due to a great progress in technology. Today?s movies have seen great progress in creativity on screen due to computer technology, realistic stunts, and larger spending budgets.

Computers have made editing and adding effects to film as simple as a click of a mouse. With the rapid advancements in computer technology it is easy to make the scenario of the space ship look real.

Computer editing is used on the majority of films released today. Some films like Ants and Bug?s Life are created using only computer animation. The progress in editing programs is unrealistic. Today you can put someone on the moon by just having a picture of it. The actor will film in front of a blue screen. Then the film will be downloaded into a computer. From there the computer animator can do whatever he wants with the actor. He could do his scene on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris, inside a volcano in Hawaii, or submerged two hundred feet under the Pacific Ocean. All of this is made possible by the ingenious minds that came up with computer editing. Movies such as Deep Blue Sea show people getting bit by sharks and spewing blood from the...