Creativity Helps Hallmark “Send the Very Best” Can you motivate

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Creativity Helps Hallmark "Send the Very Best" Can you motivate employees to be creative? How? Explain.

Creativity comes from within every one has some creativity inside, some have more than others do but it is there. One major way to get creativity out of employees is to allow them some freedom in their work. They may do some things wrong but they will also come up with new and good ideas as they go. If you encourage your employees to try new things, ideas, and methods of doing things then they will know that it is acceptable for them to explore. Many people are so afraid of failure and rejection that they will not even try to be creative.

What do you suppose is Hallmark's greatest problem in managing such a large creative staff? One of the major problems that I could see is keeping them on track with out stifling their creativity. Many times creative people tend to get side tracked easily and their minds wander, which is not really something that most employers want. Also it would be difficult to decide which ideas to go with and which ones to trash. They probably get thousands of ideas daily and some one has to decide which to use and not, but if none of a certain individuals ideas get used would the employees get discouraged.

Which aspect of Hallmark's creative environment would most effectively stimulate your creativity? Hallmark does an excellent job of stimulating their employees to be creative. They travel across the country, visit museums, observe the fashion industry, and watch the auto industry for popular colors and styling. These are all great ways to simulate creativity and I am sure they would work on me.

What else could Hallmark do to foster a supportive climate for creativity? Hallmark does a good job of supporting a creative climate. They could also do many other things such as watching a new movie every week at work or at home for work. Many new trends and styles can bee seen threw Hollywood as well as attitudes and emotions, which can stimulate the mind in many different directions. Allowing their employees to listen to different kinds of music of their choice could also add to a creative environment.