Creativity- meaning, domains and what creative individuals are?

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Creativity is some sort of mental activity, an insight that occurs inside the heads of some special people. Creativity does not happen inside people's heads, but in the interaction between a persons thought and sociocultural context. A thought becomes valuable until it passes social evaluation. To avoid confusion, I would like to say that creative people can be a person with varied interests and a quick mind. They also contribute something of permanent significance. These sorts of people are referred to as brilliant which are also known as creative people. Personally creative are those individuals whose perceptions are fresh. They are the people whose judgments are insightful. Also, they are the ones who make important discoveries that only they know about. It's not at all necessary for a creative person go under some special institution to get a degree. Creative people are the ones without qualification. Picasso, Leonardo, Einstein etc have changed our culture in some important way and were the ones without qualification.

Creative people should not be mixed with talent and genius people. Talent differs from creativity in that it focuses on the individual ability to do something really well. In the same way genius is a person who is both brilliant and creative at the same time. Capital C, the kind that changes some aspect of the culture is never only in the mind of a person. Cultural creativity is understandable to others. It must pass with the experts in the field, and finally it must be included in the cultural domain to which it belongs.

Creativity can be observed only in the inter-relations of a system which is made up of three main parts. The first is domain, which consists of a set of symbolic rules and procedures. The second component of creativity is field, which...